One month to go!

New Zealand’s progressive death metal frontrunners Ulcerate replace Alfahanne, who unfortunately had to cancel due to logistical reasons.
Time-schedules will follow ASAP.

Eindhoven Metal Meeting is sold-out!

Finally, we can confirm that this year’s edition of Eindhoven Metal Meeting is fully SOLD OUT! We hope you’re looking forward to Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2022 just as much as we do. For those who aren’t fulfilled by two days of metal and mayhem, there are still some tickets left for the Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2022 Warm-Up. See you there!

Ticket alert

Combi- and Friday tickets for Eindhoven Metal Meeting are completely sold out.

Make sure to grab one of the last remaining Saturday tickets and witness shows of Suffocation, Benediction, Misþyrming, Nightfall, Carnation, Gutalax and Saor amongst others. The show of Ancient has been moved to Saturday, instead of Friday.

For those that want the full experience, tickets for the Warm-Up on Thursday 8th December with Archgoat, Whoredom Rife, Theotoxin, and Helleruin are still available.